Off to France at last!

A group of 8 carpentry and surveying students is travelling to Lucé, France, on 13 November 2016 in order to gain work experience. They will be accompanied by Ms. Graf, Ms. Höfler, Mr. Grebarsche and Mr. Unger who are taking turns in escorting the group.

There has been a partnership between the Lycée Profesionnel “Philibert de l’Orme” and our college for 2 years. Mutual activities are funded by the DFS. The exchange activities are focussed on giving students of construction the chance to gain work experience abroad.
A group of French students came over to Magdeburg in June, so that this is the preparation of the reciprocal visit from our side. There will be an elaborate program with different activities on the agenda like getting to know each other, a language course exercised by the tandem method, day trips – also to Paris, of course – and a 2 weeks’ work period in French businesses.
At the end of the exchange trip everyone will receive the “Europass Mobility”, documenting our willingness and experience. I will keep everyone informed about our impressions via this blog.
Enjoy Reading it!