Volleyball tournament at BbS OvG 2016

Following an old tradition, there was another volleyball tournament at our school on December 3, 2016. Our invitation was accepted by students`and teachers`teams of BbS Otto Schlein, BbS Hermann Beims, BbS Eike von Repgow, BbS Haldensleben, BbS Burg as well as the last cup winners from MSV Börde.

The longest journey to the tournament had to be undertaken by our partner school team from Rheine. First, there were matches between both the teachers` teams and the students` teams including last year`s  cup winner which – after a tough fight - was won by the teachers`team of BbS 1. In the second group, last year`s cup winner triumphed over all student`s teams. After a  break ( catering was well-organised and supplied by students of our Fachgymnasium!), there was the final match. Unfortunately, the teachers lost against last year`s winners MSV Börde. The Haldensleben team in particular, must be praised here because they were in full cry with only 4 players instead of 6. It seemed to be more an advantage than a disadvantage as those 4 players really blended into each other. So, the cup was again won by MSV Börde. For next year, everyone will start training soon enough in order to be a serious opponent to the “professionals” from MSV Börde.
Thanks a lot  to all players and supporters! Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2017!