Chess tournament at BbS OvG

What a stormy affair at our school last Tuesday! Pawns, Queens and Kings hid behind massive Rooks, being attacked by aggressive officers on foot and horseback. Whereas some attacks were successful, others needed clever tactics to turn the tables on the enemy. What was going on?

Five students, two teachers plus one former teacher met for the second end-of-year chess tournament at our school in the afternoon. After 5 thrilling matches there the winners could be presented and awarded after two hours in an award ceremony. Thanks to the Friends` Association of our school, even substantial prizes could be awarded to the winners.
Apart from the experience of competition itself, there was also enough opportunity for friendly talk and gossip.
So, to anyone interested: Why not join us, the school`s chess club? Have a try, learn the game, support us, come to our weekly meetings! Contact Mr. Lang (Head of chess club) and note the information leaflet opposite the head`s office!