Regional „Debating Club“

Communicating and Debating properly have become key skills in our modern days. What is most decisive here is to express convincing arguments in the debate.
This year`s debating competition, held in our school on March 2, saw junior and senior students on stage to discuss different given topics such as “Should students be allowed to informally address their teachers (by their first names)” or “Should radio stations stick to a mandatory ratio of  German/international songs”.

We had competing teams from Norbertusgymnasium, “Kurfürst Joachim FriedrichGymnasium”, “Johannes Gutenberg School” and our own students of FG16d.
Although the first prize was not won by our students, they all had a lot of fun and it was a great experience for all. Thanks to anyone who supported us in our preparations, including the “Friends of BBS Otto von Guericke” club.
Rina Wotjak
Regional debating club coordinator