Mile of Democracy

17 January 2015-the community of Magdeburg called for visiting and participating in the Mile of Democracy Event for the 7th time. Again, the key message was to block the streets against supporters of Nazi ideas.

As drafted in our school programme and motto, we positioned ourselves on the Mile, expressing our intention to show friendliness, tolerance and openness at all times.
Depicting those ideas to everyone here and now seems of utmost importance for us. While Magdeburg`s concept of being democratic, cosmopolitan and tolerant is shared by most students and teachers at our school, we are not willing to close our eyes or turn away from movements like PEGIDA with Magdeburg`s pendant MAGIDA, from Nazi rallys, from tragedies like the killing of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists or from wars in Syria and Ukraine.
Consequently, students and teachers participated in the Mile of Democracy. Days before the event, students and their history teacher, Mr.Ohk, had commemorated those Magdeburg citizens who were brutally killed in the Nazi era, by cleaning their memorial stones. This activity was filmed by the local TV and can be viewed here (1).
Class EF13a developed a game, assisted by Mrs. Höfler, focussing on terms in the field of Democracy. Numerous visitors tried to explain terms like Freedom of Speech, Civil Rights, Balance of Power, Solidarity and the like by means of pantomime, drawing or verbally. It was kind of Democracy-Activity game.
Classes AU12b ( ophthalmologists) and GEO12 ( geomatics ) designed a power point presentation  and websites on the topic of Democracy, which was all appreciated by visitors on the supplied laptops.
Posters with translations of song texts were contributed by students of FG 14a. The songs were focusing on protests against any wars. Some visitors might have a completely different concept and understanding of such songs now.  In particular, songs like Zombie ( Cranberries), War ( Edwin Starr)  and Blowin`in the Wind ( Bob Dylan) are worth listening to.
Furthermore, visitors were asked to express their wishes for a democratic Germany. There were so many of them, that the supplied cork wall did not offer enough space. Most general ideas had to do with tolerance, peace, no racism, cosomopitism,  but there were also very special wishes like “ Giving all refugees a home” “ The right to adopt children in gay partnerships “. Lord Mayor Trümper expressed his wish for “Friendliness”.
Finally, we can proudly announce a donation of € 95 to “Verein Integrationshilfe”. The money was generated by the sale of our mulled wine ( without alcohol, of course). The Verein aims at supporting refugees in their assimilation process.