Drugs prevention prev@work at BbS OvG

“The number of potheads has remained unchanged over the years, but more of them are caught these days than in the past.”  (Magdeburg Volksstimme, 26 January 2017)
The reason for registering more drug-related cases on Magdeburg school yards than a few years ago is that schools  contact the police a lot more often today. (Magdeburg Volkssstimme, 26 January 2017)
According to the state`s authority for drug abuse it would be better to deal with the problem rather than just calling for help, for example by talking to parents and students as well as giving roadshows on the issue of drug abuse.

Our school is an excellent example of this. The prev@work project, a comprehensive managerial prevention programme headed by Mrs. Brinckmann and Mrs. Wemmer, who are the joint between school and the Fachstelle für Suchtprävention Berlin gGmbH and are therefore in constant in-service training on drug issues to develop school concepts on prevention ideas.
There was a prevention meeting with apprentices on 20 March, which was also visited by Mrs. Hofer ( Deutsche Bahn),who got a comprehensive insight into the prev@work`s team of our school, Mrs. Brinckmann and Mrs. Wemmer.