BBS „Otto von Guericke“ received a historic photo album

Our school has received a historic photo album. The donor, Mrs. Hildegard Schuldes, handed over the chronic of a marching band to our headmaster on the occasion of Otto von Guericke Day.

Her husband, who died recently, had designed the chronic during his job training period. It includes a lot of black and white photographs showing the marching band playing on different events and trips. It will be useful teaching material during our History and Social Studies lessons. Mrs. Schildes agreed to give the students additional information if wanted. The chronic is now being presented in one of the display cabinets next to the original Otto von Guericke school student`s cap. Both exhibits symbolize 2 BBS “Otto von Guericke” – traditions that have been cultivated and continued for years- the job training track in the field of Electrical engineering and Metal work as well as the university preparation courses in the fields of health and social studies, business, engineering and informatics.