OLD SCHOOL is a different story – 20 June 2017 BbS „OvG“ presents itself in a completely different way

BBS „Otto von Guericke“ organized an annual school event on 20 June 2017. 838 Students, visitors  and teachers were given insight in our different tracks and courses by offering activities in those various training fields.
Among those were opticians, surveying assistants, carpenters, electricians, car mechanics, A`level students, design techniques.

The day was opened by the headmaster, Mr. Meier, who gave  visitors and students` representatives a presentation of the history of our school and its eponym, Otto von Guericke. The presentation included numerous show experiments like the famous hemisphere experiment on the school yard. Another highlight was  the project of our first year sprayers. Two students presented their own cars to demonstrate the polishing and finishing process. It including the use of polishing machines and polish. To meet the high demand of  attempts to experiment on different car parts, extra stands were opened and greatfully appreciated by students. A professional airbrusher finishing our classroom  completed the generally successful day, as visitors were given the opportunity to look and watch during the airbrushing process.

Thanks to our form teacher, Mr.Riecke