End of school trip of Year FG 15 b/c

End of school trip – to make it a memorable one, we visited the 3 biggest cities of the Netherlands on our last school trip. It is a magnificent place, you can easily get lost in the numerous alleyways, exploring every corner.

We all agreed that we should have spent a lot more time there. Some will call the visit to Anne Frank-House their highlight, as it took us back to a dark past, others might call the riverboat and canal trips their unforgettable moment.
Rotherdam being the next stop, we did not feel as strangers  any longer, more like at home. It resembles Hamburg a lot, which was prominently demonstrated during the tour of the port. What followed was a 2 hours shopping spree, causing dismay among the boys.
The last stop was Den Haag, which was an eye opener, offering things that nobody had expected. The Binnenhof took us back hundreds of years, the shopping mall was magnificent, too, and, of course, numerous little cafes in hidden street corners. The group ended up in a Miniature Museum.
After that ramble through 3 cities of the Netherlands, we returned to the Center Park, enjoying nice and joyful evenings with our friends.
The trip was full of impressions and it taught us a lot of lessons  about our neighbour country. Besides, we had the chance to get to know each other better.
We would like to express our gratitude to all teachers involved in the support and organisation of the trip. Let us face the exams now.
Annelie Braune (FG 15b)