Dear readers of our home page

It gives me great pleasure to see how many people take the time to have a glimpse on our school`s website.

I am very sure you will find interesting links with the help of which you will be able to get an overall picture of the variety of courses at our school, including offers of extra-curricular activities.

After introducing our dual job training system, an efficient job training college was established quickly. Numerous smaller institutions in the area were concentrated on one location and have been further developed. Wise decisions of the local council members ensured substantial subsidies for us so that our listed building has been widely refurbished and equipped over the years. After refurbishing the final section of the building, there are now various classrooms (90) including equipment, teachers` prep rooms, a very attractive auditorium and a refectory. 

Apart from computer rooms, two of them have been updated this year, there are numerous classrooms with special gadgets to teach electrical engineers, car mechanics as well as sanitary and heating installation experts, giving all of them the chance to gain practical experience in laboratories. Our teachers have been successful at acquiring and using such lab equipment  in cooperation with business partners.

The quantity of students has been stable in recent years. There are 2,700 students in various courses at the moment. Most of them are taught in courses focussing on job training like anything electrical, IT, metal work, car technology, sanitary, heating and plumbing, construction, spraying and painting plus interior design.

On top, there are regional classes of students of geomatics, surveying, optometrists and product designers, programmers and others.

With so many different courses on offer, our school is one of the biggest job training centres (Berufsschule) in the area.

Our second track, the grammar / secondary school (Fachgymnasium), has gained a high reputation in the area as well. In it, students are given the chance to gain their A`levels after 3 years of full time schooling. There are different courses focussing on various subjects like Health and Social, Business, Information Technology, Engineering. We are particularly proud of the engineering track which was introduced and worked out by a number of our colleagues and it found appreciation and its confirmation by the German Conference of Ministers of Education, so that it has been taken over as official module in the Verordnung für Berufsbildende Schulen.

In recent years, there has been a tremendously growing demand of further qualifying courses. Consequently, our established college for further full-time and evening training (Fachschule) is a great opportunity  for those who are skilled workers in the fields of Metal, Electrical, Construction. After passing  final exams, students will gain a degree as technical engineers, thus being qualified for junior management positions. But, alternatively, they are also entitled to study at colleges (Fachhochschule). This college entrance standard can also be reached in one year full-time courses for those who have finished their job training (Fachoberschule).

And there is also the 2 years`course to become a skilled worker in the field of Assistance for Informatics. ( Berufsfachschule)

As one can see, there is a bundle of courses under one roof at  Berufsbildende Schule “Otto von Guericke”, as there are the Berufsschule, Fachgymnasium, Fachschule, Fachoberschule and Berufsfachschule.

As mentioned at the beginning, there are also extra-curricular activities. For example, on weekdays we offer Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Table Tennis and Chess, a Choir and Art, but also a Cisco and Foreign Language Certificate can be gained.

Open school days, information days, cooperation with secondary (middle) schools and our Magdeburg University belong to every teacher`s field of activity, as well as their quality of teaching. A quality management has been introduced so that there are lots of different feed-back impulses (teacher-student, teacher-teacher, business-school)  now in order to improve our teaching culture.

School opening and ending ceremonies, end of school party, sports activity day, volleyball and football tournaments are all part of the agenda every year. Attendance in the Mile of Democracy, students`exchanges as well as project days with our partner school are highlights every year.

In order to keep this high level of education, we are in need of highly motivated and educated teaching professionals. Consequently, a lot of our teachers support various teacher training modules in order to give teacher students an excellent start in their careers as teachers at job training institutions.

Hoping to have aroused your interest in our institution, I am offering my cooperation and support to anyone interested in our courses. If you want more detailed information, do not hesitate to give us a call or click on our homepage.

H.Jürgen Meier

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